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Thursday, April 9th 2020    6:54 PM EDT
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  World headlines

New York City hires laborers to bury dead in Hart Island potter's field amid coronavirus surge
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

New York City officials have hired contract laborers to bury the dead in its potter's field on Hart Island as the city's daily death rate from the coronavirus epidemic has reached grim new records in each of the last three days.

EU ministers seal deal on half a trillion euro coronavirus rescue plan
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

European Union finance ministers agreed on Thursday on half-a-trillion euros worth of support for their coronavirus-battered economies after weeks of wrangling that exposed painful divisions in the bloc headed for a steep recession.

Austria says EU deal should not be a back door to coronabonds
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

A deal struck by European Union finance ministers on Thursday evening should not lead to the introduction of coronabonds through the back door, fiscal hawk Austria's Finance Minister Gernot Bluemel said in a statement.

Key EU states agree coronavirus economic rescue: diplomats
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands reached an agreement on Thursday evening on an economic support package against coronavirus epidemic, paving the way for a deal among all 27 EU finance ministers, diplomatic sources said.

Key EU states agree coronavirus economic rescue -text of draft deal
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

European Union countries on Thursday evening agreed the emergency credit lines from the euro zone's bailout fund "will be available until COVID-19 crisis is over", a draft of their deal read.

Global stock markets jump on Fed stimulus, oil pulls back from earlier surge
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

Global equity benchmarks moved higher on Thursday following signs of some success by governments and central banks which have taken additional steps to bolster their economies during the COVID-19 pandemic, while oil prices pulled back from an earlier surge.

Wall Street rises on latest Fed rescue program
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

Wall Street closed out the trading week on a high note on Thursday as the U.S. Federal Reserve unleashed another program designed to buoy local governments and businesses crushed by massive closures to stem the coronavirus outbreak.

Saudi, Russia closing in on record oil cut deal
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

OPEC and it allies held talks on Thursday on record oil output curbs of about 15 million barrels per day (bpd) or more, roughly 15% of global supplies, to support prices hammered by the coronavirus crisis, sources involved in the discussions said.

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  Science headlines

False-negative COVID-19 test results may lead to false sense of security
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

A new article calls attention to the risk posed by overreliance on COVID-19 testing to make clinical and public health decisions. The sensitivity of reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) testing and overall test performance characteristics have not been reported clearly or consistently in medical literature, the article says.

Guidance on treating COVID-19 patients with signs of acute heart attack
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

Much remains unknown about COVID-19, but many studies already have indicated that people with cardiovascular disease are at greater risk of COVID-19. There also have been reports of ST-segment elevation (STE), a signal of obstructive coronary artery disease, in patients with COVID-19 who after invasive coronary angiography show no sign of the disease.

In a first, NASA measures wind speed on a brown dwarf
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

Not quite planets and not quite stars, brown dwarfs are cosmic in-betweeners. Learning about their atmospheres could help us understand giant planets around other stars.

New study shows how oxygen transfer is altered in diseased lung tissue
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

A multidisciplinary team of researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has developed tiny sensors that measure oxygen transport in bovine lung tissue. The study -- which establishes a new framework for observing the elusive connection between lung membranes, oxygen flow and related disease -- is published in the journal Nature Communications.

Transmission of the amphibian pathogen, Bsal
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

Using existing data from controlled experiments and computer simulations, researchers have found that host contact rates and habitat structure affect transmission rates of Bsal among eastern newts, a common salamander species found throughout eastern North America.

Strongest predictors of menhaden growth in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

New research suggests that large-scale environmental factors influence the size of one of the ocean's most abundant forage species. Recently, scientists found that anthropogenic influences affected menhaden in the Atlantic more than in the Gulf, where environmental factors were the more dominant predictors of growth.

A damaged fertilized egg sends signal that helps mother live a longer healthy life
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

There is plenty of scientific evidence that the health of a mother can impact the health of her child. Now a new study flips that relationship around: Researchers have discovered the health of the fertilized embryo determines the functional health of the mother, which has implications for healthy aging, stress resilience and suppression of protein damage. Essentially, a bad egg does good by protecting the mother from cellular stress, ensuring she lives longer and is healthy enough to produce the next generation.

Long-living tropical trees play outsized role in carbon storage
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

A group of trees that grow fast, live long lives and reproduce slowly account for the bulk of the biomass -- and carbon storage -- in some tropical rainforests, a team of scientists says. The finding that these trees, called long-lived pioneers, play a much larger role in carbon storage than previously thought may have implications in efforts to preserve forests as a strategy to fight climate change.

Making sense of scents: 3D videos reveal how the nose detects odor combinations
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

Every moment of the day we are surrounded by smells. Odors can bring back memories, or quickly warn us that food has gone bad. But how does our brain identify so many different odors? And how easily can we untangle the ingredients of a mixture of odors? Scientists have taken an important step toward answering these questions, and the secret lies inside the nose.

Ordering of atoms in liquid gallium under pressure
Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

Liquid metals and alloys have exceptional properties that make them suitable for electrical energy storage and generation applications.

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