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Who Are We?

Do Not Vote From Fear is a group of people that agree it is time to stop the scare tactics, the fear mongering, the scary stories that are taking the place of honest, open debate during the elections across the country.

We're not a political group, a 501(C)(4) nonprofit organization or a liberal movement planning protests across the country. We're just people who have had enough of the rhetoric, the criticism, the spite. We were content to let the politicians attack each other during the commercial breaks, we used to take it in stride and shrug it off with that "What Can You Do?" attitude.

And then people started dying. The economy started to stumble. Real problems surfaced with no real solutions to fix them... Yet the politics didn't change, the in-fighting didn't subside, the leaders didn't stop trying to scare us into one political camp or another.

Enough is enough. At the very least, we could agree on one thing we could do to help:

Do Not Vote From Fear